Since 1998, Spike & Raise has been the leading security company in Cape Town when it comes to installing various wall spikes or anti-climbing spikes as its also known.

Spike & Raise installs a wide range of metal wall spikes or anti-climbing spikes in Cape Town. Our range of anti-climbing spikes consists of allwall, mini allwall, cobra, vibra, comb, vibracrete and supra spikes

Wall spikes are made from 2mm, mild steel & can be fitted onto all surfaces, such as wooden structures, brick walls, precast walls, steel gates & fences. Metal wall spikes are hot dipped, galvanized to prevent the metal from rusting & can be powder coated to match the colour of your existing wall or fence.

Security spikes are extremely difficult to bend due to the way in which they have been manufactured. The bending strength of metal wall spikes are hugely increased by the use of ribs on the bend.

Wall spikes can be fitted with any type of fastener, however Spike & Raise uses a zinc alloy nail in an anchor that is non retractable. We use a 6 x 25mm fastener to install wall spikes on vibracrete walls and a 6x30mm or 6x50mm on a built or concrete wall. Nail in anchors are very difficult to remove from metal structures, & cannot even be removed with a screwdriver..

The base of a 1.5m strip of fence security spikes are manufactured to follow the contour of the surface on which it is mounted. An easy to climb wall or fence becomes a formidable obstacle when topped with anti-climb security wall spikes.

Security wall spikes are an excellent deterrent to opportunist intruders as they are razor sharp and can cause serious harm to the human body. Security wall spikes are a simple yet effective method to enhance the security of an existing wall or security fence, as they will not only deter but will also make it extremely difficult for intruders or unwanted animals to step foot on your property.

Security spikes for walls & fences are cost effective & are widely used to protect commercial premises as well as public sector properties.



We offer free quotations and advice. All work is carried out promptly under supervision, with reliable and experienced teams. We also supply for DIY and wholesale. Our clientele portfolio includes developments, commercial, industrial and residential properties