Spike & Raise is a known and trusted name in the marketplace when it comes to the raising of vibracrete walls.

Spike and Raise has raised hundreds of walls throughout Cape Town & surrounding areas in a professional and neat manner, leaving our clients satisfied and secure.

When it comes to raising vibracrete walls, Spike & Raise prides itself on raising your existing vibracrete wall in the preferred, aesthetically pleasing method.

Vibracrete wall extensions have become very popular for various reasons, such as:

  • It encloses your property, posing as a deterrent to any intruders
  • It instantly adds height to your perimeter, making your property harder to access
  • It helps to create a sound barrier, especially for houses that are surrounded by busy roads.

By raising your vibracrete wall, your property becomes more private and enclosed to the public.

When extending your existing concrete post, we use a concrete post that matches your existing post in width and style in order to retain uniformity. Spike & Raise matches your existing slabs where possible. However, some patterned slabs are not in circulation any longer, but we will always try to find a solution that will satisfy our clients.

The method we use is guaranteed to be the strongest method and can withstand very strong winds and various other weather conditions.

Spike & Raise can raise your existing vibracrete wall by one, two or three slabs depending on the existing height of your wall. This is in accordance with the council regulations regarding the height of boundary walls. Spike & Raise also repairs broken vibracrete walls and erects new walls on a small scale.

Our team ensure that during the extension of your vibracrete wall, the quality of the construction will be upheld. Due to the quality of our materials, we ensure that the extension of your wall has a long life span.


Can you paint vibracrete walls?

You can use water-based paints, which are just as effective or choose paints made especially for outdoor use.

How high can a vibracrete wall be?

The maximum height of a vibracrete wall must be 2.1 meters high.

How do you clean vibracrete walls?

You need to use pH-neutral products such as alkaline or bacterial cleaners.



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